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How Cool is this stop-motion hamburger for a hangover recipe-with-a-twist!

There are a lot of creative people out there. Some of them are fantastic painters, while others can make incredible stone statues. Some turn graffiti into political statements while others sew magic into fashion.

Then, you get digital artists who create magical, visual content that is incredibly engaging to watch. This is the case with Clicker, a YouTube channel that explores the genre and delivers astounding videos.

The premise of the video featured below is what do you do for food the morning after a booze-filled night when deliveries are unavailable? In this case, it's a recipe parody for a burger and chips that use all sorts of ingredients that are not food.

Oh yes, and it's done in stop-motion, using 2885 images cut together to make a film. Genius!

How, I hear you ask, can you make a burger without food ingredients? Well, this is where imagination overpowers reality. Think chopping up headphones to use as buns and a meat patty, red beer-bottle caps as tomato sauce, a melted yellow CD for cheese and a bottle-crate for fried chips.

This entire video is masterful, playful and utterly engaging. It'll make you watch if from beginning to end because it's so skilful. Instead of me just blabbering on, I suggest you just press play on the clip below and enjoy the show!

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