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Cheeky has always loved to make new friends, and doesn’t let the opportunity to befriend a new cat pass her by. Thanks to her mom fostering several cats, and the 14-year-old pup’s laid back attitude and kind heart, she has become an expert when it comes to dealing with new cats and making friends.  

However recently Cheeky had a bit more of a challenge with a new cat who has been visiting Cheeky’s family. 

A stray cat started visiting Cheeky’s family’s front porch about six month ago to dine on the free food that Heck leaves out for homeless animals in the neighbourhood. As time went on and the little cat became a bit more settled in of sorts, the stray cat got bolder and decided to investigate the rest of Heck’s property.

Cheeky’s mom, Liz Heck said, “She climbed over the fence into our backyard. My wife went to let Cheeky outside, not knowing the cat was there, and the cat got scared and scratched Cheeky on the nose.”

Both animals were shocked by the run-in at first, but Heck knew the poor cat had a reason for coming around. She needed a safe place to stay.

“We then slowly introduced Cheeky to the cat, letting her know that Cheeky won't hurt her. Now, [the cat] has not left our backyard or porch hardly at all the past five days.”

Heck did not realise the strong bond Cheeky and the stray cat, who has now been named Sushi, had become until one day. One morning while she walked outside, Heck was surprised to find the two animals snuggling happily together in the sun. 

It was then when it became clear that Cheeky finally worked her magic and won over the nervous cat.

“Sushi loves hanging out with Cheeky when she comes outside. So now we put cat food on the back porch for her and put a heating pad in a box on the back porch, where she sleeps at night.”

“Cheeky is too big for the heating pad, but she always just comes outside to lay on her dog bed or in the grass when it's sunny, and the cat loves to rub up on her and let Cheeky clean her head.”

Heck decided that she wanted to give Sushi a new forever home to feel safe. And after seeing that Sushi is already spayed and “ear tipped,” Heck plans on getting her vaccinated once the time is right and once she becomes more comfortable around humans.

Heck wrote on Reddit, “We make sure she stays warm and has fresh food and water. I plan on getting her flea prevention and taking her to the vet for vaccines since she's decided my back porch is her house and my dog is her dog.”

Little Sushi is slowly warming up to the idea of having a forever family. She even now feels comfortable enough to go into Heck’s house at night when it gets too cold. Even though its understandable that Sushi still enjoys her independence, like most cats do, it's clear she appreciates having someone to snuggle and play with.

And Cheeky doesn’t mind having the new family member. The more cat friends, the better.

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