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One summers day, a construction crew contacted Sue Rogers, the founder of The Mia Foundation, about a little abandoned baby bird found on the construction site. 

Rogers took in the little orphaned dove, and thought the dove, whom she named Lovey, would only be with her for a few weeks until the it has learned to eat and fly by itself. But when the time came to release Lovey back into her world, Lovey kept coming back a few hours later. 

When fall approached, Rogers moved Lovey back inside. That way she can be protected from the cold. Lovey has free rein of Rogers' home and can fly wherever she pleases. Lovey never seemed interested in the other animals, until a puppy named Alfie came into her life.

Roberts told the media, “Alfie is 8 weeks old, but he’s the size of a newborn. He has a cleft palate, I’m 99 percent sure he has hydrocephalus (which is water on the brain), and possibly a heart condition as well.”

Little Alfie grew stronger and became more adventurous as the time passed. But unfortunately the15 ounces Alfie is just a bit too small to play with any of the other dogs in the house. But that doesn’t mean he is not having the time of his life. “He needed to start to get socialised, so I let him run around the house a little bit, supervised, throughout the day. But he has to be watched very carefully.”

When Lovey met Alfie, she quickly took a liking in him. Perhaps she recognised a friend in need. “Lovey is out flying around the house all day long, and I just noticed that every time I put the puppy down, she would immediately fly over to him. It’s like, ‘Does she think he’s another bird?’ Because he’s about the same size as her, they’re the same colour and she doesn’t interact like that with any of the other dogs in the house.”

After spending much time together, the two’s friendship only grew stronger and stronger each day. After a while the two best friends now developed their own special language and unique play style. "They are the smallest animals here, each needing a friend," Rogers wrote on Facebook. "They’ve formed this bond on their own!" 

The two enjoy their new game called piggyback rides. Lovey enjoys hopping on Alfie’s back while he piggyback’s him throughout the house. Looking at their bond, it is clear that both of the two are grateful for having the other one in their life. Rogers couldn't be happier to watch this adorable friendship blossom between the two.

Watch the adorable video here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=167167414862481

But Lovey may say goodbye in due time. Rogers plans on releasing Lovey back into her world when the weather warms up, in hopes that she’ll find a flock of her own. However, until then, the two best friends have each moment to spend their time together and enjoy their piggyback rides. 

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