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On an evening walk through the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a poster of a lost kitten taped on a utility pole, caught Camila Castoldi’s eye. 

On the utility pole was a lost pet sign, which shows that an orange and white cat named Luis had gone missing, and his desperate owners were asking people to keep a lookout for him. After noticing the poster, she didn’t have to look very far. As it turns out, someone very familiar was already sitting right underneath his own missing poster.

This is what happens next.

"I said, 'Greetings, Luis!' Then I called his family. The family came running, thanked me and pampered him."

Before the little one was noticed and saved by Castoldi, he had been missing and roaming the streets for four long days. But if you kinda look at it, the cat had actually found himself.

Adorable Luis was fortunately still in good health considering his time he spent lost. At the end it all worked out for Luis, and now he's safely back at home where here belongs. After all, Castoldi is also a hero in this story. Castoldi is full of gratitude and thankful that she could have helped in bringing Luis back to his family.

"I feel lucky to have found him," she said.

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