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Delivery driver Lauren Kasdan found something very unexpected when she was out delivering food one night in a quiet neighbourhood, which she expected will en in a very quiet and normal night.   

At around 11 p.m., Lauren made the delivery where she dropped the food off at the customer’s porch and messaged them to confirm that their food has arrived, which took about two to three minutes until she climbed back into her car. When se got back in the car, she noticed that there was a cat sitting in her passenger seat. “I thought I was hallucinating for a second. It was hard to process. There was just … a cat. In my car.”

Lauren left her front windows partially down, which was the little cat’s way in. When she climbed into her car, the little kitty wasn’t startled at all, and it more looked like it wanted someone’s help. “She acted like she was supposed to be there. She was sniffing around the seat and my middle console like she belonged there. When I came back, she was just like, ‘Oh, hey! Is this your car? It’s nice and warm.’ She didn’t spook or try to run. She actually climbed onto my lap and started purring and making biscuits on my legs.”

Lauren assumed that the little unknown cat was homeless as it was incredibly thin, dirty and covered in fleas. Even though she didn’t know where the cat came from, she knew that she could not leave her on her own. After picking up some cat food and litter, Lauren headed to her mother’s house to get the cat, which has been named Athena, all settled in.

Athena has only been the sweetest cat throughout the new process and journey. When Lauren gave her a bath to get her cleaned up, Athena was more than cooperative. “I ran the bath, put her in gently, and she settled almost immediately. She was meowing pretty loudly at first, but when I started scrubbing her with the flea and tick shampoo, she settled in and started purring …

"When I got her out, I wrapped her up in a towel, and she fell asleep like that in my arms.”

Not knowing if Athena may have had a home and a family, Lauren soon checked to see if Athena was microchipped, but didn’t find one. Lauren also posted on multiple lost and found pet pages in her area just in case little Athena did have a loving family looking for her, which no one was.

However Athena soon found her new forever home. After Lauren’s mother saw how sweet and gentle Athena was, she knew that she will provide a forever home for her.

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