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There are two types of dogs in this world. Those who are whip-smart, and those who continue to run into the glass door. But no matter their IQ, we love them nonetheless. 

One little pup in particular, definitely falls under the whip-smart category. Two-year-old Labrador Retriever, named Parks, knows more than 40 commands and is clearly a good communicator. With his impressive talent and knowledge to pick up new skills, he was recruited at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. 

Parks previously received training from Canine Companions to prep him for this kind of job and responsibility. Some of his impressive skills includes  pulling toy wagons, pushing drawers, and retrieving items, which will definitely be a huge benefit working with children. Parks soon joined the child life team and has already been teamed with child life specialist, Kimberly Burbage. 

Parks will work next to Burbage’s side at the hospital and will also spend his off hours in the company of Burbage. She revealed in a statement, “I have been interested in creating this program at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer for several years and am excited to be able to incorporate Parks into the hospital journey of our patients and families. Parks and I were matched together by Canine Companions and, even though we've only been working together for a month, I can already see the impact he is making with our children and adolescents." 

The Orlando Health Arnold Palmer organisation informed that Parks will work at the hospital and provide emotional support to all patients and families. By the look of Parks sweet face and personality, he will definitely be the man for the job. "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Parks in bringing some great therapeutic benefit and normalcy to the patients here at the hospital," Burbage added. 

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