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Parrots usually originate from warm habitats such as rainforests, grasslands, Savannahs, semi-arid regions, and even islands. Most parrots are wild, but people began keeping some species as companions long ago. And what is beautiful of having a parrot as companion is that you get to enjoy the journey and get to know the parrot’s own unique personality. 

Parrots can be loud, quiet, outgoing, reserved or attention seeking. There is one parrot in particular who was dedicated on getting famous by every means possible.

It is hard to imagine that traffic footage taken by a highway traffic camera can get interesting. Usually, there are only an endless stream of footage of cars and trucks passing by. However that has recently changed thanks to the cute curiosity of one feathered local in Brazil who used the traffic camera for his claim to fame. 

The camera's operators posted the video footage of a cute bird popping up in the view of the camera and wrote, "This morning, we received a special visit there in one of the cameras. 

The bird was later identified as a turquoise-fronted parrot. This is one of the most colourful species native to the region. The parrot's beauty go unappreciated due to her up-close mugging on camera. But here is a gorgeous picture of these beautiful species.

Even though the parrot's visit to the traffic camera was short, those few adorable moments have put a smile on many people and even brightened the traffic footage world. 

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