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Adorable dog named Charlie has always had a soft spot and cute side to him when it comes to something he loves. Such as his favourite stuffed toy. 

 The sweet pup knows exactly what he likes and it is the most sweetest thing you have ever seen. Charlie loves his toy duck more than anything in the world and takes it wherever he goes. Charlie has several other toys his parents bought him to play with anytime he chooses. But, there is only one toy he loves more than all, and that is his plush duck, named Mr. Quackers. He always chooses to spend his time with him. 

Alicia, Adorable Charlie’s mom said, “I noticed he would take it wherever he went and even slept with it at night. I had never seen him act this way with a stuffed toy before.” Charlie and Mr. Quackers are pretty much inseparable. 

Just seeing how much Charlie loved his toy duck, Alicia and her husband thought of a way that would bring him even more joy. They thought it would be fun to plan a special surprise for him. The couple arranged a visit from an oversized and fully animated version of Mr. Quackers. After finding the perfect identical Mr. Quackers costume at a random store, Alicia’s husband got dressed to play the part. 

You can say that Charlie had the best day of his entire life. The moment Charlie met his favourite oversized real-life toy, he was over the moon. "It couldn’t have went any better! Soon as Charlie saw the life-size Mr. Quackers, his tail started wagging so fast, his entire body was moving.”

That is sure a moment Charlie will never forget.  

Charlie, no doubt, would have remained content had his favourite toy never come to life. But for his owners, seeing just how happy it made him to meet Mr. Quackers face-to-face made it all worthwhile.

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